The purpose of the Concord Club is to promote fellowship and companionship among Lodge widows, widowers, elder brethren and their wives or partners.

The Club will arrange events such as coffee mornings and afternoon teas at a variety of venues, possibly with guest speakers, and outings to local places of interest. It will not replace events such as parties and luncheons already run by Lodges.

Membership will be automatic on attending any event. There will be no subscription. Meetings will be informal, nominally every month but arranged as the members decide.

The Club is intended to be self-financing to the greatest extent possible by holding raffles at coffee mornings and other events. Members will be encouraged to provide prizes for the raffles. However the Club would greatly appreciate donations, primarily from Lodges within the Group to get it off the ground. The Club will take care not to clash with the interests and duties of Almoners.

The club meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, starting at 10:45am and the average attendance is 60 people. Some meetings also include a speaker and lunch.

Relevant contacts are:-

Chairman - Andy Duff (01252 328616)
Secretary - Alan Babister (01252 683113)