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Important Notice Regarding Coronavirus Restrictions & Members Safety

Due to the recent UK Government advice to avoid social gatherings and venues in light of the global health concerns regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) safety, the Farnborough Masonic Centre Ltd will be closed for all Masonic meetings and social activity until further notice.
With regards to re-opening, we will continue to monitor the situation carefully and take our guidance from HM Government , Public Health England and the United Grand Lodge of England. The health and safety of all our unit members, their family's and our users' remains' our top priority.

We hope to meet you all again very soon, please watch this web-page, our Facebook page and Members Newsletters for the very latest information from the Board.

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This represents the Risk & Method Statement and Mitigation Planning of the Board of The Farnborough Masonic Centre Ltd to its users.


The report is forwarded with an executive summary and schematical abstract with graphical symbols and outlays of the buildings comprising of the full Masonic Centre.

The Board have taken a robust view of all current legislation and guidance provided by HM Government, Public Health England, as well as UGLE & Provincial guides to reopening in a safe and secure manner for our users.

The Board have set occupancy limits in line with national guidance, and it is mandatory that these numbers are not exceeded (based upon our floor space factoring limits x safe distancing calculations). The Board have set aside "new" robing areas in the dining rooms for your use, we politely inform you that the areas previously used are now subject to prohibition orders on the grounds of personal space safety.

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Please find attached our latest release, this shows the layouts of the various rooms and masonic meeting places that are "open" for use, these pictures should be used in conjunction with our Risk Management Plan.

FMCtr General

Whilst attending Masonic meetings and whilst robing face masks/coverings are mandatory until you vacate the building. Coverings need not be worn in the car park, but MUST be fitted when entering the building.

Please do not wedge, prop or leave doors open, there will be an alarm system fitted to the external doors which will activate if a door is left open.

Please do not wedge, prop or leave open ANY internal fire door in the building, there is a legal requirement for them to be "kept shut" at all times, unless we have fitted a release mechanism which automatically releases a door from an "open" position to a closed situation when an alarm is activated.

In the event of an evacuation please use your nearest escape route, do not collect belongings or re-enter the building until declared safe to do so by a fire control officer or other such person from the emergency services.

Please do not obscure, obstruct or black out ANY of the glazed panels within the fire doors under any circumstance.

Unit meetings

When using the Main Lodge meeting room please use the Main Dining Room for robing, do not use the old robing area in the entrance.

When using the upstairs Lodge meeting room please use the upstairs dining area for robing, do not use the committee room or any other area.

All Masonic meetings being conducted in the masonic meeting rooms must follow guidance's issued by UGLE/SGC/MMH and their respective Provincial Offices.


All rooms/areas used for Masonic meetings will be sanitised by FMCtr before each/after meeting, Units MUST sanitise their own "Furnishings" which they use from their locker(s) before/after each meeting. Please use the hand sanitation points in the building regularly to protect yourself and others.

In line with National Masonic guidance, no member should feel pressured to attend meetings if they do not feel safe, or if they or a cohabiting family member(s) identify as being at risk of contracting Covid19, or are displaying symptoms of Covid19.

Bar Use

For Units meeting downstairs please use the lounge bar, do not pass through the double doors to gain access to upstairs or to other rooms (accept the accessible toilet).

For Units meeting upstairs ​whilst there is a simultaneous meeting in the main Lodge meeting room, please complete the chit system for pre-ordering/paying for drinks. All drinks will be consumed in the upstairs dining room and will be placed there by our bar staff, under NO circumstance present yourself in or at the downstairs lounge bar whilst being used by others.

Rehearsals - Lodges of Instruction - Reference Meetings - Committee Meetings etc.

All meetings other than "Regular" meetings of Masonic Units are suspended until further notice by the Board.#


Brethren, may I also take the time to thank my fellow Directors and David Brett for their commitment and hard work in working towards making the FMCtr a safe environment, and for their time in attending the Centre to undertake extensive re-decorations and refurbishments during the last 5 months?

Bill, Adrian C, and David have given many hundreds of hours of their time and energy in undertaking these works and I am sure you will join with me in thanking them for all they have done. The other Directors (Simon, Paul and Alex) have been equally busy in "behind the scenes" work that we are currently developing to give better access to our users both Masonically and externally. As we go forward we will be bringing in a refreshed web presence and develop our external business for local community uses. 

W Bro. Adrian Bean
FMCtr Ltd

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These pictures show the layouts of the various rooms and masonic meeting places that are "open" for use, these pictures should be used in conjunction with our Risk Management Plan. Please click on the images to display a larger picture.

Temple (Main and Small)

thumb Temple001

thumb Temple002

thumb Temple003

thumb Temple004

thumb Temple005

thumb TempleS001

Robing Area

thumb Dining001

thumb Dining002

thumb Dining003


thumb Bar001

thumb Bar002

thumb Bar003

thumb Bar004

thumb Bar005


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The area now occupied by the Farnborough Masonic Centre was originally part of H & G. Simonds, Brewers of Reading, North Camp Depot. It consisted of Barrel Store with raised loading platforms Stables and Bonded Warehouse and offices.

The site was sold to a building contractor 1920's, T & H Jones, and he subsequently developed the site to include a Masonic hall and club. A worthy Brother by the name of George Twist, who was an Architect employed by the Royal Engineers Work Services, undertook to re-design for use as a Masonic Hall and Club. To the rear of the Club was added a Billiard Room and the first floor converted to a Stewards Quarter. The Masonic Club were given a long lease by the Jones's. The construction of the Hall being complete together with the conversion of the Stables for use as a Kitchen being complete and let on a long lease to Farnborough & North Camp (F&NC) Lodge, who sub-let to other Lodges or Chapters.

On the closing down of the Jones's Building business, the property was offered to the Leaseholders but they decided against purchase and the executors of the late Jones's put the Property on the Market. The outcome of this resulted in a Mr.Neade buying the whole site including the Halls, Club Building and Builders Yard, this he intended to use as a Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Depot.

After a short period of time he discovered that the existing leases were an uneconomical undertaking and decided to emigrate and offer the properties back to the previous Lease Holders namely Farnborough North Camp Lodge, and Farnborough Masonic Club.

In order to secure a mortgage it was decided to form a Company limited by guarantee, which means in effect that each elected Member is responsible for the amount stated in the Articles (£5.00), and there is a limit to the number of members. A share holding Company was decided against on the grounds that if shares were issued to Individuals, there could be difficulty at death of the holder and the value of shares.

The position then arose that the Leaseholders were Stake holders in the Freehold and for Tax Purposes this had to be eliminated. Farnborough Masonic Properties Ltd was then set up. Agreement was reached that both F&NC and Farnborough Masonic Club surrender their leases, and a new format of charges be worked out. It was agreed that the total outgoings should be shared proportionately among all users, at the same time all users should be encouraged to provide funds to enable the mortgage to be disposed of.

Records are somewhat hazy but it is understood that part of the estate was then sold back to Farnborough Masonic Club to satisfy the original debt and to enable alcohol to be dispensed on the premises.

In 1994 further development work was carried out and the centre now offers the facilities described in this website. Plans are currently in place to combine the two organisations in to a single body.