The area now occupied by the Farnborough Masonic Centre was originally part of H & G. Simonds, Brewers of Reading, North Camp Depot. It consisted of Barrel Store with raised loading platforms Stables and Bonded Warehouse and offices.

The site was sold to a building contractor 1920's, T & H Jones, and he subsequently developed the site to include a Masonic hall and club. A worthy Brother by the name of George Twist, who was an Architect employed by the Royal Engineers Work Services, undertook to re-design for use as a Masonic Hall and Club. To the rear of the Club was added a Billiard Room and the first floor converted to a Stewards Quarter. The Masonic Club were given a long lease by the Jones's. The construction of the Hall being complete together with the conversion of the Stables for use as a Kitchen being complete and let on a long lease to Farnborough & North Camp (F&NC) Lodge, who sub-let to other Lodges or Chapters.

On the closing down of the Jones's Building business, the property was offered to the Leaseholders but they decided against purchase and the executors of the late Jones's put the Property on the Market. The outcome of this resulted in a Mr.Neade buying the whole site including the Halls, Club Building and Builders Yard, this he intended to use as a Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Depot.

After a short period of time he discovered that the existing leases were an uneconomical undertaking and decided to emigrate and offer the properties back to the previous Lease Holders namely Farnborough North Camp Lodge, and Farnborough Masonic Club.

In order to secure a mortgage it was decided to form a Company limited by guarantee, which means in effect that each elected Member is responsible for the amount stated in the Articles (£5.00), and there is a limit to the number of members. A share holding Company was decided against on the grounds that if shares were issued to Individuals, there could be difficulty at death of the holder and the value of shares.

The position then arose that the Leaseholders were Stake holders in the Freehold and for Tax Purposes this had to be eliminated. Farnborough Masonic Properties Ltd was then set up. Agreement was reached that both F&NC and Farnborough Masonic Club surrender their leases, and a new format of charges be worked out. It was agreed that the total outgoings should be shared proportionately among all users, at the same time all users should be encouraged to provide funds to enable the mortgage to be disposed of.

Records are somewhat hazy but it is understood that part of the estate was then sold back to Farnborough Masonic Club to satisfy the original debt and to enable alcohol to be dispensed on the premises.

In 1994 further development work was carried out and the centre now offers the facilities described in this website. Plans are currently in place to combine the two organisations in to a single body.